Noopept is a nootropic developed around 1995 in Russia. It is patented in Russia and USA and is a non-regulated substance in most parts of the world although it is potentially illegal to sell it in UK. In USA it is considered as a food supplement but it is not approved by FDA; in Russia on the other hand it is an over the counter drug but it is also prescribed by doctors either for treatment of conditions like alzheimer’s or as a nootropic.


Effects of noopept

Noopept has very similar effects to racetams but it is generally much more potent. Due to its potency it requires administration of much smaller doses which makes it much cheaper to use. Another benefit of the small doses is that it has even fewer and milder side effects to racetams. Some studies have shown that noopept can be dosed even 500 to 1000 times lower than piracetam while still retaining beneficial effects.

Most studies on noopept in USA and Russia have been done for its healing effects on brains injured by trauma and oxidative stress as well as on individuals with parkinson’s disease and alzheimer. Some results have shown that noopept stopped or even reversed milder cases of alzheimer’s disease while it considerably slowed it in other patients. Studies on patients with physical brain trauma have shown that brains can heal up to 15% better with noopept than without it – improvements were measured with cognitive capabilities tests.


As a nootropic noopept increases focus and long term memory. It also decreases feelings of anxiety and thus helps managing stress. Studies show noopept also helps protect nerves from damage and oxidative stress and may also reverse calcification of brain cells.

Other effects of noopept are that it increases blood flow to the brain which increases oxygenation in the brain and thus its activity. Also noopept acts as a mild stimulant in the brain, increasing the communication between individual neurons as well as between both brain lobes.

Effects of noopept are quite similar to that of modafinil (though slightly weaker) yet it has far less side effects. Also while modafinil often makes people less social and communicative, noopept has exactly the opposite effect as it increases the activity in brain areas responsible for verbal communication.


Noopept dosing and stacking

The usual dose prescribed is 10 mg two times per day for an 80 kg adult male. But for over the counter nootropic use the dose can vary between 5 to 30 mg two to three times per day. Some people even report that they feel best effects at only 3 mg.

Usual symptoms of taking a too high dose are brain fog and headache. The letter can be due to depletion of acetylcholine and goes away on its own in a few hours. In order to avoid the headache and brain fog some people stack noopept with choline supplements like Alpha GPC or citicoline. With this they can increase their dose of noopept and thus presumably increase its effect but this cannot increase the dose indefinitely as the brain fog symptom will usually still happen at some higher dose and thus present the limiting noopept dose.

Choline supplements are processed in the body to create acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter used in the brain as well as in the muscles. Increasing its concentration (with supplements) in the body has been shown to have positive effects on cognitive function and stacking it with noopept yields additional synergistic effects.


Noopept safety and long term effect

Noopept has been shown to be very safe with virtually no side effects apart from the mentioned headache and brain fog. It does not even cause any gastrointestinal distress because doses are so small.

However, in case of a serious overdose gastrointestinal distress is possible as well as a feeling of depression or anxiety. Like with any other nootropic, first try small doses of noopept – for example 3 mg for an 80 kg adult – and then slowly build them up. This will give you time to see if you react well to noopept or not.

You will need a good milligram scale for this. A good scale has a resolution of 1 mg although a resolution of 2 mg should be sufficient. Such scales usually cost only from $20 to $50 although some can cost considerably more.


Noopept does not have any withdrawal effects even with prolonged use as long as normal doses – up to 30 mg two times per day – are used; higher doses are not researched. Unlike modafinil which has shown very low addiction potential, noopept has shown no addiction potential.

There is also no tolerance buildup with prolonged use. Although some people report that noopept loses effect on them after a few months this is likely the effect of degradation of noopept due to oxidation. To avoid this keep your supply in smaller bags and open only one at a time. Try to consume the content of each open bag within a month to avoid the noopept oxidizing and pulling in moisture. Alternative you can buy it in pill form where each pill is its own balloon – this can also solve the dosing problem if you do not have a milligram scale.


In all noopept looks to be a very safe yet potent nootropic.


Buying noopept

Original noopept is produced in Russia from where it can also be ordered but it is now being produced in USA and EU as well so it can be bought from either of those two regions as well. Some countries may be imposing new regulations (like UK in 2016) which prevent noopept from being sold there but it can often still be imported for personal use.

Since production of noopept is cheap there are not many scheming pharmacies which would sell placebo or a contaminated product.
Since a choline source (like alpha GPC or citicoline) can significantly increase the effects of noopept we suggest you buy noopept and choline from the same vendor because shipment costs can otherwise exceed 40% of the total price. This is because you can buy noopept for as low as $20 per yearly supply and shipping costs (internationally) can total at about the same price.